Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lessons Plans for Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

Teaching critical thinking skills to adults is tasking, it is not easier when you have to teach children. Some argue that it is easier to teach children than adults because children do not have a lot bothering them.  Whichever position you take, you must have lessons plans for teaching critical thinking skills.
Lessons plans for teaching critical thinking skills should also include critical thinking skills worksheet. Critical thinking skills work sheet plays a significant role in jump starting the brain. They are designed to help the recipient think or reason from a wider perspective. You can get hundreds of critical thinking skills worksheet from book stores or online. You can also request for professional advice to know the most suitable critical thinking skills worksheet for your child or class.
When preparing to teach critical thinking skills, your lessons plans for teaching critical thinking skills should involve the following processes:
·         Writing
The first step towards writing is getting. Help your student learn how to brainstorm either on their own or in a group setting. Brainstorming involves thinking of as many ideas possible and listing them down. Help them to learn how to organize their points from the most important also, after which they come up with a draft.
If your students have attained an age enough to understand the techniques of editing, you can provide them with a rubric for proofreading and editing. Let them edit their rough drafts on their own, after which you can go over them making the necessary amendments and explain to them the reason for the changes.
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·         Solving a problem
The purpose for going to school is developing problem solving skills. Help your students learn how to solve problems following logical thinking and reasoning. Help them understand they should show the systematic steps followed to arrive at a certain solution. Ask them questions that require reasoning to arrive at an answer.
·         Employ scientific methods
The easiest way to teach concepts is to demonstrate them practically. Illustrate basic scientific procedures to your students. They use the knowledge they gain from such in critical thinking processes and solving other related problem. Again you can introduce an activity where students are required to give predictions prior to the actual demonstration. Any prediction made should be accompanied by an explanation.

If you have challenges with lessons plans for teaching critical thinking skills or critical thinking skills worksheet, classified websites will assist you accordingly at your request.