Thursday, 22 November 2012

Critical Thinking Skills Exercises

Critical thinking skills exercises are necessary to first gauge and understand whether you practice critical thinking. Critical thinking skills exercises involve several stages that are applied to reach a certain conclusion or recommendation for a problem. Critical thinking skills exercises should be taken up by everyone in order to better their decision making skills. Especially for students Critical thinking skills exercises are very vital.
Like in learning any idea, one has to first understand the definition of the whole idea. Knowing the Definition of critical thinking skills will help the participant to know the essence of the things involved. Different scholars have developed different Definition of critical thinking skills. However, the Definition of critical thinking skills can be simply viewed as looking at a certain scenario and considering more than the face value. The Definition of
critical thinking skills entails considering the implications of a certain thing and considering different angles and available options before making a conclusive decision.
Students are mostly encouraged to develop critical thinking skills. However, it is important to note that the purpose for learning how to think critically is not solely for passing exams. Students are expected to be able to practice the same once they are out of school in their day to day activities and responsibilities.
In order to understand critical thinking skills, there are a few exercises that students can carry out:
Please take a moment to learn what is meant by critical thinking here.
·         First students are instructed to identify certain problems or important issues. Even at this initial stage, students have to know what is a problem and why it is viewed as so. Identifying a problem is therefore also a skill that needs to be learnt.
·         Students are then called upon to carry out extensive research about the identified issue at hand. This research should be done from credible, reliable and authoritative sources. In critical thinking, you have to base all your facts on a credible source. This will help the students to understand the issue in depth.
·         Drawing for their research, they need to consider the probable solutions to the problem at hand. For example, when writing an argumentative essay a student will go through this logical process. The information they gathered will provide them with the pros and cons for all the options available.
·         After all this work, the students need to be able to give a well articulated solution. They should be able to draw their recommendations after considering different angles from the information gathered.

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