Thursday, 22 November 2012

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

With the realization of the importance of critical thinking, more and more people are getting are trying to learn ways to Develop critical thinking skills. In order to develop critical thinking skills one has to really apply themselves. It is not enough to read books and information about how to develop critical thinking skills. To ensure that you develop critical thinking skills, one has to put the instructions into practice.
Long term memory and critical thinking skills go hand in hand. Especially when studying for academic purposes, long term memory and critical thinking skills can come in very handy. Someone who has long term memory and critical thinking skills tends to master concepts faster than someone who does not. It is therefore important for students to take up long term memory and critical thinking skills.
Thousands of scholars have touched on the subject of critical thinking. Even more have suggested various strategies that can be applied by an individual in order to develop critical thinking skills. This entails provoking the mind to delve further in a phenomenon and not to pass judgement based by the surface value.
In comparison to a regular thinker, a critical thinker will have various important attributes. A regular thinker is someone who does not take the time to stand back and go through the various stages of thinking before coming up with a conclusion.
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·         A critical thinker is normally open-minded. This means that when you develop skills for critical thinking, you will be able to think outside the box. It widens the scope of your thought and curbs mental myopia.
·         A critical thinker will not accept something just as it is stated without questions. They will always question every fact and only take a certain stand after drawing credible evidence that proves that they stand they have taken is accurate.
·         When in a problem solving scenario, a critical thinker will not want to make rush decisions. They will take their time to analyse and take in every possible angle of the situation before they can suggest any solution. This is a very important attribute to have even in day to day life.
·         A critical thinker will therefore be in a position to provide a solution as well as a systematic way of doing it. In case it’s a complex situation or even an exam question, they will be able to know what to do first and what to do last.

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