Thursday, 22 November 2012

Critical Thinking Problem Solving Skills

Critical thinking problem solving skills are very valuable. Employers are always looking for people who have Critical thinking problem solving skills to join their team. This is because someone who has Critical thinking problem solving skills will add a lot of value to their organization. The good news is that Critical thinking problem solving skills can be learnt through reading or going for classes and practicing the same.
More and more people are learning that it is important to develop critical thinking skills. Especially for people who are holding leadership positions, they have no choice but to develop critical thinking skills. A leader has to develop critical thinking skills since a lot of things depend on them. They have to develop critical thinking skills that will help them to come up with solutions as well as make good and objective judgement.
Being able to think critically and come up with problem solving solutions is an envious skill to have at the work place. It is good to know that people can easily learn these skills and equally be good as others.
Importance of having critical thinking and problem solving skills
·         Ability to handle dilemmas
People who have critical thinking skills are able to make decisions when faced with dilemmas. They are able to think critically and come up with the best options to the advantage of their organization. Decision making ability is a great asset and most organizations will want to hire someone who has this trait. A leader is tasked with the responsibility of making important decisions. It is therefore a plus when they are able to make the decisions after thinking critically through an issue.
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·         Ability to come up with strategies
A critical thinker is able to consider situations and come up with very good strategies. They are able to identify a systematic way of solving a problem. They are also able to clearly articulate their recommendations and conclusions to the rest of the team that they are working with.
·         Ability to identify problems
The critical thinker will be able to point out problem areas. They will also question existing policies and suggest other options. This is a good thing since te organisation they are working for can embrace this opportunity to better their functioning and maybe even increase their profits. However, even as a critical thinker, one has to approach such issues with wisdom. Not every organisation appreciates employees who want to rock the boat and change the normal functioning they are used to.

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