Thursday, 22 November 2012

Critical Thinking Skills In Nursing

Critical thinking skills in nursing have proven to be very important. Critical thinking skills in nursing are applied with the realization that in every science one has to question. Critical thinking skills in nursing are all about seeking questions. Critical thinking skills in nursing provoke debate, research and experimentation.
In order to understand the importance of critical thinking, it is important to appreciate that at all levels of learning nowadays, critical thinking skills are being emphasized  Scholars have also developed Critical thinking skills for children. Critical thinking skills for children are very vital. This is because Critical thinking skills for children make them understand the concept at an early stage in life. Critical thinking skills for children engrave a good culture within the child as they grow up. They are able to go through the process of critical thinking in different aspects of their lives before making decisions.
Science was developed based on research. Without experiments, there would be no science. Most of the well developed theories and scientific facts underwent research and experimentation for decades before they were approved. This is the whole idea behind critical thinking. Scientists did not just accept that when you throw an apple up it must come down and live it at that. It is their ability to think critically and question every aspect that made us know of the law of gravity.
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In nursing or any other scientific field, students have to ask questions and identify new or existing problems. This will help them to think critically and come up with a workable solution or possible recommendations.
Critical thinking in nursing will help the students to:
·         Be able to point out core issues or questions that need further elaboration or research. Professors need to encourage nursing students top ask questions as this makes them to think. Even in issues raised by others, one can identify a gap and seek clarification.
·         Critical thinking skills among nursing students encourage them to carry out further research which is very important for the learning process of students. Not only are they able to research but to research from highly authoritative sources. A critical thinker will take the time to identify sources that are relevant to the issue at hand.
·         Critical thinking skills will help them to be able to clearly articulate workable solutions. They are able to systematically give a solution to an issue after thinking critically or pass good judgement.

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