Thursday, 22 November 2012

Critical Thinking Skills Examples

It is agreeable that critical thinking and writing skills are basic in our everyday activities. It is the responsibility of teachers and students to use the most suitable method to learn how to teach critical thinking skills to children. One of the most effective tools of how to teach critical thinking skills include use of critical thinking skills examples.
How to teach critical thinking skills using examples
If you are using critical thinking skills examples to help students how to sharpen their critical thinking skills, consider the following approaches:
·         You may ask a single question in different ways. You may also ask one question but ask for two or more answers.
·         You may ask more than one closely related questions or ask very different questions. The responses you get from the critical thinking skills examples you assign help you know the mental capacity of your student.
In the commercial setting, the following are some of the places students and job applicants can look for critical thinking skills examples:
·         Sales and marketing
Employees use critical thinking skills to determine the target market for their products and the strategy they will use in marketing.  On the other hand, the recipient of the products use critical thinking skills to decide whether to buy the product or otherwise. Making decisions in both cases is based on the information both parties have; the more informed you are the more questions you will ask prior to making a decision.
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·         In the human resource management
Every company has a set of written rules employees should follow to the letter. However, in some cases an issue will not have a written down solution. The human resource manager has to use critical thinking skills to make informed judgement.
·         Customer service
It is applicable when you have to solve disputes between a service provider and the customer. The expert from the service providing company must be knowledgeable on the product, and must have the ability to understand customers’ needs quickly.
If you want to be an expert on how to teach critical thinking skills using examples, you must practice. It is through doing the same thing repeatedly that you become an expert. Through practice, you are able to build on your strength and improve on your weaknesses. It is also through establishing your strengths and weaknesses that you know where to find source of help.

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