Thursday, 22 November 2012

Importance of Critical Thinking Skills

The Importance of critical thinking skills is very diverse. It is fundamental that one knows the Importance of critical thinking skills before they start working towards gaining the skills. This will make them appreciate the skill. For students in school, the Importance of critical thinking skills are mostly related to passing exams and grasping concepts or coming up with academic papers. For those who are out of school, the Importance of critical thinking skills may be viewed differently.
The importance of critical thinking among students cannot be emphasized enough. For example, Critical thinking skills in nursing is very important. Critical thinking skills in nursing encourage students to pose questions and not just to accept things as they are presented to them. Critical thinking skills in nursing also make students to engage in extensive research in
this field. Critical thinking skills in nursing generate debate that normally causes the students to make the right informed judgement and conclusions.
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The importance of Critical thinking
·         Identify problems or questions
A critical thinker has the ability to identify issues and raise them in a clear manner. The ability to identify a problem and understand it clearly is a skill that can be learnt. A critical thinker can note loop holes and raise questions. Raising issues and questions or problems is what looking beyond the surface is all about. Especially among students, this is a very vital skill that they need to acquire. Even before doing a term or thesis paper, students are required to identify an issue which will necessitate the study.
However this skill goes beyond the classroom. In a work environment, it is important for one to be able to raise issues and not just accept all that is pushed down their throat.
·         Research
A critical thinker will carry out research in relation to the problem or issue at hand. This will help them to understand something more from the different perspectives that are already there beyond his understanding. Ability to get relevant and credible sources to inform their final decision is an important skill.
·         Open-mindedness
A critical thinker is able to have an open mind that can allow taking up of new ideas. This is encouraged by their ability to research widely and consider different views presented by other people. They dare to think outside the status quo. This is a very important function since these are the people who defy misguided traditional beliefs. Critical thinkers dare to find out why things are as they are as opposed to just turning a blind eye to everything considered a norm by the society.

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